Saturday, February 06, 2016

Plagiarism issue in Iowa handled quite differently than at Southern Illinois University (SIU)

A few years ago, Southern Illinois University was in the headlines concerning one case of self-plagiarism
(involving a strategic plan presented to SIU copied from a plan in Texas, although the same person wrote both plans) and one case of plagiarism in a Ph.D. thesis (of the university president, no less). The self-plagiarism case went away, and the thesis plagiarism case was softly addressed.

In 2016, the president of Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, one Mick Starcevich , copied, without attribution,
a story he used in a speech made during an annual employee recognition event on Martin Luther King Day — Jan. 18, 2016.
As seen in the story Kirkwood board to discuss President Mick Starcevich's plagiarism admission , this copying event is being treated as a big deal.

One recalls a campaign speech by (now) Vice President Joe Biden, which contained a story copied from Neil Kinnoch. It is argued that sometimes there was attribution, but sometimes not. The bigger issue was that the story, as to Joe Biden, was false.

Of SIU, see for example


which includes the text:

An irony here is that the previous accused SIU administrator has been suspected of plagiarism in a speech given on Martin Luther King Day, with King at Boston University having been found to have plagiarized a previous thesis at BU in creating his own doctoral dissertation.


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