Sunday, February 14, 2016

"Neil Gross" character on The Good Wife right out of Lemley's Myth of the Solo Inventor

In the "Monday" episode of The Good Wife, airing 14 February 2016, the character Neil Gross of Chumhum makes a statement right out of Lemley's "Myth of the Solo Inventor," to the effect this isn't 1953, or 1973, or even 2003, and no one is making inventions in their garages; significant inventions are made in corporate labs.


You think you're so indispensable to the fabric of modern society that you've even bought your own a police force to do your dirty work under color of law. Goliath stomping David, right? You know what these TAPS agents are, Mrs. Florrick? They are heroes.

And why is that, Mr. Gross?

Because the Goliaths are the new Davids. The model of scruffy kids toiling in a garage is a quaint anachronism. This isn't 1953, 1973 or even 2003. The great innovations today are coming out of corporate labs, not garages. Everyone thinks Goliath is the villain, but the truth is that today, more often than not, he is a victim. And he needs protection. Objection. Relevance, not to mention self-aggrandizing.

AND, as to TAPS:

Um, Agent Dunst, you're technically with the FBI but also serve on TAPS... the Technology Allied Protection Service task force, is that correct? It is, although I would not call myself technically with the FBI. Does the FBI have a steering committee, sir? A... Steering committee. No. Does the Secret Service or the Chicago PD? Not that I know of. How about TAPS? Does they have a steering committee? Yes, they do. And, um, who serves on this committee? Law enforcement. Experts in their fields. And... I'm not sure what you want me to say. CEOs of Silicon Valley's 14 biggest companies... don't they serve on the steering committee too? Dunst: That's right. Including Neil Gross?

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