Sunday, February 21, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on February 21, 2016 does US Patent 9,802

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for 21 February 2016. Rita Braver does the cover story on the right to die, A Dying Wish. Second, Lee Cowan on book collecting. Third, Tracey Smith on Jennifer Jason Lee. Fourth, Seth Doane on snowmonkeys in Japan . Anna Warner on Harper Lee.
Headlines. Hillary Clinton won Nevada caucus. Trump won South Carolina, and JEB Bush dropped out. Random shootings in Kalamazoo. Scalia funeral mass. Weather: midweek showers in northeast.
Rita Braver starts with J. J. Hansen who had brain cancer, but who remains alive. Brittany Maynard. "Aid in Dying." Barbara Combs Lee. Eve Elliott. Del Grosso stopped eating and drinking. Patients Rights Action Fund opposes assisted suicide. AMA opposes assisted suicide. In Oregon, 36% who get lethal prescriptions don't use them.
Almanac. Feb. 21, 1858. Edwin Holmes installed first electric burglar alarm . Bought patent from Augustus Pope in 1857 for $1500. The patent was US 9802, issued June 21, 1853. Electric street lamps made people more comfortable with electricity. In 1905, AT&T bought the Holmes Burglar Alarm company. Now burglar alarms a $22 billion business. Holmes is an example of a person who bought a patent from someone else and made product, and later sold his company to an even larger company.
Lee Cowan on books filled with surprises. Called blooks, for book looks. Secret Sam's. A portable altar. Crosley book raio. A book as motion detector. Dusty Evsky.
Ben Tracey on B. J. Novak, from The Office. Mention of tasks of lawyers. Book "One More Thing." Novak went to Harvard. "The Book with No Pictures," written for pre-school kids. Benjamin Joseph Novak. Father was a ghost writer for among others Nancy Reagan. Maybe something crazy will happen. Inglorius Bastards of Tarantino.
Umberto Eco and Harper Lee both dies on 19 Feb. 2016. Anna Werner discusses them. Mary McDonough Murphy.

Seth Doane on snow monkeys in Nagano, Japan. Mark Hemmings. Japanese macaques.

Steve Hartman in Lansing, Michigan on birthday party for police. Gary Hall from Los Angeles.

Tracey Smith on Jennifer Jason Leigh from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Single White Female. Her dad was Vic Morrow. The Leopard at Des Artistes. Last Exit to Brooklyn. Miami Blues. The Meryl Streep of bimbos. Tarantino. Hateful Eight.

Conor Knighton "on the trail" to Mammoth Cave National Park. 405 miles of passageway. 1904: first automobile arrived at Mammoth. Kentucky cave wars. Great Onyx Cave. Crystal Cave of Floyd Collins. January 30, 1925. Nationwide story on radio. In 1941, Mammoth became a national park.

David Martin with Michael Hayden. Stellar Wind. Head of CIA from 2006 to 2009. Dan Rooney. Once you are in a network ...
Hayden was first chief of Cyber Command. 2010 Stuxnet attack.

Moment of nature. Midwinter snows in New Jersey Pine Barrens.

SecurityBaron wrote of the Pope device:

The device worked when an electric circuit closed. You connected doors and windows in parallel and by opening them interrupted the electric current. This caused the magnets attached to the sensor system to vibrate. The vibration caused a small hammer to strike a brass bell, alerting the homeowner or monitoring station that someone entered. A small spring mounted above the door or window kept the current interrupted, so closing the door or window again kept the current from flowing after it was tripped.

Of Augustus R. Pope:

According to Pope’s wife Lucy, Pope attempted to market his invention by advertising in several newspapers. He hired a salesman to help sell the device, and completed one installation in a shoe factory near Boston; however, failing health and the need to provide for his family prompted him to sell the patent rights to Edwin Holmes in 1858 for $1800.00 in cash and $8000.00 in notes. Pope passed away at age thirty-nine of typhoid fever on May 24, 1858.


**Recall another patent/Boston/typhoid case:

The noted patient [Wilbur Wright] was seized with typhoid on May 4 while on a business trip in the east. On that day he returned to Dayton from Boston and consulted Dr. Conklin, the family physician. He took to his bed almost immediately, and it was several days before his case was definitely diagnosed as typhoid. Throughout the early part of his illness Wright attributed his sickness to some fish he had eaten at a Boston hotel.



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