Sunday, January 31, 2016

CBS Sunday Morning on January 31, 2016

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for 31 January 2016. The cover story, by Martha Teichner, is on the oil glut, including consequences in West Texas. Serena Alschul on Samantha Bee. Anthony Mason on ColdPlay, who will be at the SuperBowl. Lee Cowan on Bob Odenkirk. "Better Call Saul." Major Garrett on Iowa caucuses. Dean Reynolds on lobbyists. Headlines on 31 Jan 16: Iowa caucuses tomorrow. Orange County, CA escapees captured. David Petraeus not demoted. Weather: Storm in west.

The cover story on Slippery Slope. Midland County Line. Mike Rasco on parking lot for drilling rigs. 1000 people employed per drilling rig. A gallon of water is worth more than a gallon of oil. Loss of 275,000 jobs since mid-2014. Daniel Yergin. The US is exporting US oil production almost doubled. Every day, production of 1.5 million more barrels than needed. Wikipedia notes of Yergin: He wrote that Hubbert peak theory ignores the effects of economics and technological advances. Instead of a peak, Yergin predicts future oil production will be more of a plateau, as increasing prices moderate demand and stimulate production.

Almanac. January 31, 1961 Ham goes into outer space in a Mercury capsule. Died in 1983. Buried in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Of the name "Ham," wikipedia notes: Ham was known as No. 65 before his flight, and only renamed "Ham" upon his successful return to Earth. This was reportedly because officials did not want the bad press that would come from the death of a "named" chimpanzee if the mission were a failure.

Dean Reynolds on "Trust Me." Gil Fulbright. Shining a light on special interests. Josh Silver. Represent Us in florence, MASS. Dan Krassner. Jimmy Siegel comments on the "Fulbright" videos and is mentioned in the context of a 2007 video he did for Hillary's campaign; the Washington Post had noted: Hillary walks into the Mount Kisco diner in Westchester, N.Y., and takes a seat. Seconds later in comes Bill, dressed in a short-sleeved, untucked shirt. "No onion rings?" Bill asks when he sees that his wife has ordered a bowl of carrots. "I'm looking out for you," replies Hillary, who peruses the diner's jukebox selections,

Milepost: Makeover for Barbie. Three additional body types. Seven new skin colors. Sales were declining every year since 2012.

Serena Alschul on "Busy Bee." A woman" in the boy's club of late night tv. "Full frontal." Jason Jones.

Deaths. Buddy Cianci first elected in 1974. Abe Vigoda in The Godfather.

Lee Cowan on Bob Odenkirk.

Moment of nature by B-I: swimming with blue sharks off the coast of Rhode Island.
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