Sunday, January 03, 2016

Breitbart on patents

James Edwards presents a pro-patent opinion at Breitbart.

Of some interest is text toward the end:

If you can’t secure and rely on your property right in your discoveries, there’s less incentive to embark on invention. Why bother if some rogue hedge fund or licensee can easily weaponize PTAB?

And society suffers from such an antiproperty-rights, property-devaluation regime. Kyle Bass’s Hayman Capital may have made money off its Acorda stock devaluation ploy. But multiple sclerosis patients lost out because this IPR filing targeted Ampyra, Acorda’s new MS medicine.


IPBiz notes that Ampyra (the active ingredient of which is 4-amino pyridine) is NOT an
MS-disease modifying agent.

See also:


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