Sunday, December 27, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on December 27, 2015

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday, December 27.

Mark Strassman reports cover story on weather.
Jane Pauley on Gil Battle. ostrich egg art.
Mo Rocca on Dame Maggie Smith. Downton Abbey.
Hail and Farewell.
Headlines. Subject is weather. Tornados in Dallas area. Historic blizzard coming. Wildfire in coastal southern California. Leader of ISIS speaks.
Factoid: $70 billion of purchases are returned.
Pictures of aftermath of Dallas tornados. Mark Strassman begins his cover story with picture of Buffalo last year with snow. Then 70s in NYC on Christmas. More than a thousand weather records broken in December 2015. Erich Fischer for CBS Boston. Feb 2015 was coldest month; Dec. 2015 the warmest. Mantua studying El Nino. The current El Nino is one of the three strongest. Director of National Weather Service. Killer tornados. In California, warming oceans. Fish go further off shore; feeding issues for seals.

. Stories of 2015. January. Charlie Hebdo. February. ISIS burning and beheading. March. airplane crash in Alps. April. conviction of Boston bomber. May. David Letterman leaves. June. same sex marriage. July El Chapo. August. Cecil the Lion. October. China drops one child policy. November. Paris. December. pact on climate change.

Jane Pauley on ostrich egg art by former inmate. Gil Battle in California prisons. Carves with dentist drill. 1/16 of an inch. Abscond. After prison, moved to Phillipines. An artist who tells prison stories. The eggs sell for $14K each. Art saves lives.

Maggie Smith story by Mo Rocca begins with clip form Marigold Hotel (at this age, I don't buy green bananas). Just finished last episodes of Downton Abbey (Lady Violet). Script protection: read it and eat it. New role: the lady in the van. Allan Bennett's home. Miss Sheppard is imperious. Smith appeared on Broadway in 1956. California Suite 1976. Robert Stephens. Beverly Cross. EGOT. (Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony) Smith on Carole Burnett show.

Books of 2015: Go set a watchman (Harper Lee)

David Turracoma on bloody Mary. Bar shipped from NY to Paris. The name comes from Harry MacElhone, a barman from Dundee, Scotland, hired to run the Paris bar. In 1920s, Harry's made first bloody Mary. Fernan Petrio. Vodka alone too bland. Bloody Maria, with tequila.

Steve Hartman on Pittsburgh policeman Jack Mook. Steel City Boxing. Story aired in 2014. Women wrote in to meet Jack. This story is on Jack getting married.

Movies of 2015. Jurassic World.

Hail and farewell. Omar Sharif is first, with clips from Dr. Zhivago. Maureen O'Hara. Anita Ekberg. George (with Marilyn Monroe).
Percy Sledge. Jackie Collins. Anne Meara. Daniel Thompson. Rosie the Riveter. Marleen Saunders. Frank Gifford. Yogi Berra. Stuart Scott. George Barris. Lenny Robinson. Jack Larsen (Jimmy Olsen). Yvonne Craig. Leonard Nimoy. Calvin Spann (Tuskegee Airmen). Edward Brooke. Julian Bond. Mario Cuomo. Fred Thompson. Beau Biden. Benny King. Bob Simon. Ray Gandalf. Don Featherstone (pink flamingos). Robert Loggia. Arthur Sachs. E. L. Doctorow. David Carr. John Forbes Nash. Townes of laser fame. Cynthia Lennon. Happy Murphy. Lealey Gore. Donna Douglas as Ellie Mae. Cory Wells of Three Dog Night Jack Elley of Sloopy. B.B. King. Roger Reese. Richard Dysart. Patrick Macnee. James West. Martin Milner. Rod Taylor. Gilbert Lewis. Christopher Lee. Wes Craven. Burt's Bees. Paul Prudomme. Chuck Williams. Lillian Vernon. Betty Willis. Michael Gross of ghostbusters. Woman of The Weavers, Ronnie Gilbert. So long, it's been good to know you.

Most popular video. Silento. Watch Me.

Opinion. Imogee.

Next week. Kate Winslet.

Moment of nature . Jardiance. Woodpecker in Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania.


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