Sunday, December 13, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on December 13, 2015

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for December 13, 2015. The cover story is by Rita Braver on Amy Cuddy, In Good Standing. Second, Tracy Smith on Will Smith. Third John Blackstone on Michael Lewis and The Big Short. Mo Rocca on the School of Rock. Tanita Neyer on kringles from Racine, Wisconsin. Headlines: Paris climate talks. Women voting in Saudi Arabia. Heisman goes to Derrick Henry of Alabama.

** Rita Braver on Amy Cuddy on body language. The relationship of posture to power.
Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. The book Presence. David Gergen now at Kennedy School of Government. You will notice it in the arena. John Wayne-like. I welcome challengesthat help us grow the science. Ph.D. in psychology from Princeton.
A tiny tweak that can make a huge difference. [The NY Times noted: A paper that she wrote in 2010 with the researchers Dana R. Carney and Andy J. Yap found that lab participants who spent two minutes in a room alone doing high-power poses (feet on the desk with fingers laced behind the head, let’s say) increased testosterone levels by about 20 percent and lowered the stress hormone cortisol by about 25 percent.]

Almanac. Dec. 13, 1961: Grandma Moses died. Anna May Roberston Moses. Eagle Bridge, NY. The Galerie St. Etienne. 1955 Edward R. Murrow. I'd rather see the money. 1600 paintings in all.

Final night of Hannukeh

Vinita Nair on Kringles of Racine, Wisconsin. Bendtsen's Bakery. Kringleville. O & H Danish Bakery. Larsen Bakery.

Andrew Lloyd Webber interviewed by Mo Rocca. School of Rock. Jesus Christ Superstar in 1971. Helen Reddy. Tim Rice. Evita. Patti Lupone. Turkish van cats swim in the water.

**The Lancet says there is no link between happieness and a long life. Happiness has no effect on mortality. The study was only on Women.

John Blackstone offers a preview of The Big Short. The 2008 financial crisis. The 2010 book by Michael Lewis. A character in a situation. Risky mortgage bonds sold by big banks. Adam MacKay is the director (previous Anchorman; Talladega Nights). Anthony Bourdain. There is such an accidental quality to movies being made. Liar's Poker. Narratives about Wall Street.

Tracy Smith on Will Smith. Concussion. Bennet Omalu. The NFL owns a day of the week. Deliver the information. Six Degrees of Separation.
Being realistic is the commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Exterminate me professionally by asking that his paper be retracted.
Life can be wonderful if we choose to make it wonderful. Will Smith on walls and Muslims.

Martha Teichner on choir at New College, Oxford. Heavenly Voices. Choir founded in 1379. What is of the moment and what seems eternal. Edward Higginbotham. 16 boy choiristers. Only 4 new per year to replace the four who age out.

Opinion. Bill Flanagan. Big Lots tv ad. Commerce is our currency. Christmas is our biggest blowout. There is more to this world beyond what we see.

The Week Ahead. Dec. 14 is busiest mailing day of season. Dec. 18. Star Wars. Dec. 19> Miss World in China.

Next week. TransSiberian Orchestra. Andrea Bocelli.

Moment of Nature. Topsail Hill Preserve,in South Walton, Florida.
[Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is located along 7525 W. Scenic Hwy 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. Topsail has plenty of campground and RV space for visitors looking to stay a while and enjoy the sights of the white sand beaches, hiking trails and fishing as well as enjoying three rare coastal dune lakes. ** South Walton, the portion of Walton County that sits south of the Choctawhatchee Bay and its tributaries, extends 26 miles, from Miramar Beach in the west to Inlet Beach in the east]


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