Monday, November 30, 2015

The NFL and the USPTO: "there's so many frigging rules"

Within a post on Tom Brady discussing the Patriots losing to the Broncos Tom Brady is 'pretty pissed off' about loss to Broncos one finds the text:

"I don't think I still quite fully understand that. Because their guy went down, they had no timeouts. And I don't know what the rule is. ... I thought when he went down there was a penalty on that team for having a delay of game. But I'll have to look at that this week. I don't know, there's so many frigging rules. There's so many rules now. We'll try to clarify it this week. But you're right, I was not aware that the clock would be running."

Brady mentioned a non-call in overtime.

Another non-call of note, in the Steelers-Seahawks game, would relate to Sherman pushing receiver 84, prior to Sherman's interception.

On television, one was wondering "how" Sherman was all alone, until the replay was shown.

Look for yourself:

Recall: Illegal contact is a penalty that results from a defensive player interfering with an offensive receiving player more than 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.

At least at the USPTO, one has IPRs.


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