Sunday, November 08, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on November 8, 2015

Charles Osgood mentioned the concept of "fighting chance," related
to the cover story. Lesley Stahl on
Parkinson's Disease. Second, Lee Cowan on photography.
Tracy Smith on Jennifer Connelly. Michelle Miller on
"carved in stone." Jim Axelrod on Bernie Sanders.
Seth Doane. Steve Hartman.

News. 90% sure explosion caused by bomb. Trump hosted SNL.
Police officers in LA facing murder charges. CA got sunset
surprise, missile from US Navy. Weather: 50s in NE.

Philadelphia designated as World Heritage City on Friday.

Cover story by L. Stahl on Aaron Latham, in boxing ring.
Parkinsons afflicts about one million Americans.
Rock Steady Boxing, from Indianapolis in 2006.
Gleason's in Brooklyn donates a ring three days a week.
"It gives you the creeps." Stephanie Miller did study
on boxing therapy. Neuroprotective. Growth of neurons.
Patient Tom Kimberly. Aaron: it's slowing the symptoms.

Nov. 8, 1884. Herman Rohrschach born. Died in 1922.

Michelle Miller on Nick Benson, stone carver. John Stevens
shop. In 2010, got MacArthur award. Misspelled the word

Seth Doane on the forgotten war in Korea.

Tuesday is World Science Day.
Friday is odd day, 11/13/15.

Jardiance sponsored "moment of nature". Rock formations of Bisti in northern
New Mexico. Near Huerfano, and about an hour south of
Farmington. From NM 371 to road 7297.


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