Sunday, November 22, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on November 22, 2015

Charles Osgood, with a red handkerchief, introduces the food issue.
Mark Strassman does the cover story on homegrown food. A beautiful day in the agrahood.
Susan Spencer, then Jane Pauley. Story on the Red Rooster. (On the Menu). Seth Doane on Japan's fake food industry. Tracy Smith interviews Cloris Leachman, a vegetarian. Mo Rocca on going bananas, eaten as much as apples and oranges combined.
Headlines for Nov. 22. Up to 20 inches of snow in midwest. Jon Bel Edwards governor. Fire in Hancock Building. Weather: scattered showers in east.
Fact: nearly a quarter of Americans eat turkey only around Thanksgiving time.
The cover story by Mark Strassman begins with with Clay Johnson lives south of Atlanta. Serenbe development. A real working farm. Steve Nigren is the developer of Serende The agrahood. Ed McMahan studies the phenomenon. The Cannery; Prairie Crossing; Willisburg. Average home at Serenbe costs $700K. Ashley Rogers is farm manager at Serenbe.
Hanna Warner on "what's brewing". Gerard Tonti paints with coffee and tea. Green tea as a painting medium. Reds were difficult. Lives outside Pittsburgh.

Lee Cowan on LA cafeteria. Clifton's Cafeteria. Andrew Meyers. Brookdale Cafeteria. The cafeteria of the golden rule. A woodland escape. At the height, 15,000 served per day. Ray Bradbury was a regular. By 2010, considered closing. Andrew Myron. A 40 foot redwood tree in atrium. The Woodland Dining Room. Barbara Jacobs in charge of outreach.

Susan Spencer starts three part "on the menu" feature. Begins with "the peanut dude," Chris Bible of Charleston, SC. the cavier of the south. Works at 695 Coleman Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC
Jane Pauley on Red Rooster Harlem of Marcus Samuelsson, born in Ethiopia, and ended up in Sweden. Culinary school at age 16. Aquavit. Note that the Red Rooster is located at 310 Malcolm X Blvd.

Seth Doane on fake food in Japan. Justin Hanna in Osaka. Point to food that you want. fakefoodjapan. Before you eat something, observe it. Also, sells food souvenirs (key chains, etc.)

Tampa's Columbia Restaurant. Cuban sandwich. 9 inches long. Serve as many as 600 per day. Tampa uses salami.
Nancy Giles on juicing. Get your green on at Juice Generation in NYC. Kale is the new bacon. Roots Juices. Vitamix machine in 1949. Papa Barnard. Jody Berg is president of Vitamix of Cleveland. Clip of Ninja. Marjorie Knowland Cohn at Liquiteria.

Tracy Smith with Cloris Leachman. Nine Emmys. Raised five children. Cabbage salad with family secret dressing. Vegetarian. Horses in Young Frankenstein. Blucher means glue.

Mo Rocca on bananas. Unripe fruit shipped in boxes. Banana Distributors of New York. Big Banana. They arrive green and hard. Then a ripening room with ethylene gas added. Tony Commando is in charge of ripening. William Goldfield notes bananas introduced in 1876. Banana is cheapest fruit in store. The banana republics. Carmen Miranda. 99% of bananas are Cavendish bananas. Banana peel: Harpers in 1879. O. Henry used term banana republic in 1904.

Rita Braver. why do we like the foods we like? Interaction of genes and environment. About 75% find cruciferous bitter. Licorice and banana jellybean. Our favorite foods are determined by what we have been exposed to. Adventure eaters. Large intestines from Osaka, Japan. [Braver previously did a piece titled "Smell of Success," on Harvard professor David Edwards, who described himself: "I'm a professor of idea translation at Harvard." and who noted, related to innovation, "Well, you cannot do anything really that potentially changes the world and not have the potential that it will be used in a negative way. link: See also: and US Patent Application 20150048178.]

Dean Reynolds in Rossi's in State St. in Chicago. A tavern opens its doors at sunrise. Dennis McCarthy. 25 years of neglect. Shawn Parnell did book on Chicago bars. Simon's Tavern. Mahogony bar built in 1933.

Spencer at Omni Parker House. Boston cream pie. Called a pie because baked in pie shells. Official state dessert as of 1996. Invented at this hotel. Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh worked there. Of relevance to Christmas: Dickens first recited and performed "A Christmas Carol" for the Saturday Club at the Parker House. Of relevance to the Civil War, John Wilkes Booth stayed at the hotel April 5–6, 1865, eight days before assassinating Abraham Lincoln. Of relevance to trademarks, Dunfey Hotels bought Parker House in 1968, but on later buying Omni, phased out the Dunfey name and used the Omni. Sort of like Continental Airlines and United Airlines.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Interview with Carrie Mulligan.

Moment of nature. Jardiance. Wild turkeys near Stonewall, Texas.


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