Sunday, November 15, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on 15 November 2015

Charles Osgood opened the November 15 show by stating that the Eiffel Tower had been darkened in memory of those lost in Paris and that Elizabeth Palmer would report details.

The cover story is by Martha Teichner on photographer Joel Sartori. Lee Cowan on Sylvester Stallone. Anthony Mason on Jennifer Hudson in The Color Purple. Rita Braver on comic drawer Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey) and King Features. Tracy Smith on Sarah Palin. Georgia O'Keefe.

News. 129 dead/352 injured in Paris attack. 3 groups/8 people. Osgood appears to be reading from a written script.

Elizabeth Palmer reported from Paris. She showed a video of the concert at Bataclan at the time of the attack. Palmer indicated that French officials stated they had identified ALL of the terrorists.

The cover story is entitled Vanishing, with pictures of animals by Joel Sartori. Building a photographic ark with pictures of 5002 species. Tuffy the tree frog. Northern White Rhino. Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbit. Horned Guan. Kathryn Wertman. Sartori's wife Kathy diagnosed with breast cancer; needed to stay home in Omaha, Nebraska. Pictures at Lincoln Zoo. There are 12,000 species in captivity. His photos have been projected onto the Empire State Building.

Almanac. Nov. 15, 1887, birth of Georgia O'Keefe in Sun Prairie, WISC. 1981 interview on Sunday Morning. I painted it so often it became mine. Died in 1986,

Rita Braver on the funnies. Blondie and Dagwood. Popeye. Dennis the Menace. Betty Boop. The King Features Syndicate.
Brendan Burford. William Randolph Hearst stole the Yellow Kid from Pulitzer. By 1915, King Syndicate formed. Longest continuous run comic drawn by one artist: Beetle Bailey, 65 years. Mort Walker is now 92. Hi and Lois created in 1954. Comicon in Manhattan. Curtis. Things that make people think.ewer

Contessa Brewer on social media in the Paris shootings. Michael Morrell. Chaos caught on camera. Facebook Safety Check. WICKR. Encrypted messages. John Miller on messages designed to be unreadable by third parties.

Anthony Mason on Jennifer Hudson. Various clips from Chicago. Chi-raq.

Tracy Smith on Sarah Palin. Did you feel like a loser? It takes a team to win and a team to lose. We lost. The summer of 2008. Bristol was pregnant. Sept. 2008 with Katie Couric: what do you read for news? 2015: lost job as commentator for Fox. God of second chances. Book "Freedom". Too many people worry about being too divisive. Donald Trump has nothing to lose; he is his own man. You see a lot of silver linings.

Steve Hartman in Ft. Worth, Texas. Guy on mower pulling a train of dogs. Eugene and Walter Bostic.

Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on Sylvester Stallone, now 69. The movie "Creed." Born in a clinic in Hell's Kitchen.
You weren't born with much of a brain. Saw movie Hercules with Steve Reeves. Had to sell dog. Prisoner of Second Avenue.
Turned to writing screen plays. After 29th birthday, Rocky. Would not sell script unless he played Rocky. Rambo: Rocky on caffeine. Stallone was 11th choice for Rambo. Keep punchin' Philly; I owe ya.

David Turracamo on Paris, a city of a thousand villages. Je suis Charlie. All of Paris is my village.

Pictures of world cities with landmarks illuminated in red, white, and blue.

Nov. 16 is the 100th anniversary of the patent for the design of the Coke bottle.
The design patent is US 48,160 to one A. [Alexander] Samuelsson [of the Root Glass Company; the patent application sketch was made without the signature embossed Coca-Cola script lettering. ].

The motivational issue was that competitor brands like Koka-Nola, Ma Coca-Co, Toka-Cola and even Koke copied or only slightly modified the spencerian script Coca Cola logo on generic bottles. The Trustees of the Coca-Cola Bottling Association sent a challenge to glass companies to create a “bottle so distinct that you would recognize if by feel in the dark or lying broken on the ground.” As inspiration for a distinctive bottle design, the container was said to have been modelled after a component of the Coca-Cola beverage: the Cocoa Bean Pod, which has a similar bulging middle.

The color of the bottle was to be German green, which later morphed to Georgia green.
Color trademarks were another 80 years away. But note on April 12th, 1961, the Coca-Cola bottle was recognized as a trademark, in part supported by the fact that a 1949 study showed that fewerthan 1% of Americans could not identify the bottle of Coke by shape alone.

Note also Kiss the Past Hello: 100 Years of the Coca-Cola Bottle

Returning to Sunday Morning, note Nov. 22, 2015 is the "food issue" of Sunday Morning.
Recall for example, from IPBiz of November 18, 2012:

Charles Osgood, in a red blazer and green pants, introduced the stories for November 18, 2012, the "food issue" of CBS Sunday Morning. Eat, drink and be merry. Lee Cowan did "feeding frenzy," the cover story, with Wolfgang Puck. Second, Barry Peterson, marijuana as a food ingredient. Third, Michelle Miller with John Goodman doing food in New Orleans (easy does it). Fourth, Martha Teichner, food matches. Fifth, Bill Geist on "The Big Texan Steak Ranch."

Moment of nature. Field of sunflowers in the village of Lempaut in the south of France. This "moment" is a recycle from June 28, 2015: We leave you this Sunday in a field of sunflowers in Lempaut, in the south of France.


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