Monday, November 09, 2015

Bradley University now requires students to pass plagiarism quiz

Pantagraph talks about a "plagiarism quiz" now required of Bradley University students:
Plagiarism has consequences in higher education. This fall, failure to pass a quiz on plagiarism awareness has consequences at Bradley University.

The Peoria school is requiring this fall's incoming students — all 1,300 of them — to pass a plagiarism quiz before they can register for the spring semester.



Not mentioned in the pantagraph post:

Completion of the module and quiz are required for all incoming freshman, transfer, and graduate students:
Introduced during summer 2015 orientations
Two reminders to complete the module and quiz before classes begin
One more reminder will be sent in early October
Registration holds will be placed on all incoming students who have not passed the quiz by the first day of registration
The hold can be lifted by passing the quiz



Each quiz attempt will be recorded in a database and saved for the duration of a student’s time at Bradley.
The information can be accessed by the dean of each college and the VP for Student Affairs, as needed.



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