Tuesday, October 06, 2015

TownHall gives take on Mark Cuban on patents

Seton Motley at TownHall on Mark Cuban-->

In the initial part of the post:

Well, Mark Cuban has a problem with patents. Specifically “dumbass,” “stupid” patents. He has said: “Dumbass patents are crushing small businesses. I have had multiple small companies I am an investor in have to fight or pay trolls for patents that were patently ridiculous.” He has co-endowed a Chair at the Electronic Freedom Foundation: “The Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents.”

But later in the article:

So in 2012, Cuban was painting himself the noble “patent troll.” Waging lawsuit war to revolutionize the system. But that does not explain why he is today more than happy to yet again use the exact same system. Rightly - as it was intended. To righteously defend his patent - from someone allegedly using it without permission or payment.

How very “troll”-like. Which is why when you hear “patent trolls” - think “people protecting their private property.” People like Mark Cuban.

Link: http://townhall.com/columnists/setonmotley/2015/10/06/mark-cuban-when-he-isnt-denouncing-patent-trolls--he-is-one-n2061919


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