Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lockout: ‘Escape From New York’ in space"; copyright infringement found in France

See the post in Variety John Carpenter Wins Plagiarism Case vs. Luc Besson Over ‘Lockout’ on alleged borrowing from
"Excape from New York" that appears in "Lockout."

In a ruling made public on 15 October 2015, the French court “noted many similarities between the two science-fiction films: Both presented an athletic, rebellious and cynical hero, sentenced to a period of isolated incarceration – despite his heroic past – who is given the offer of setting out to free the President of the United States or his daughter held hostage in exchange for his freedom.”

Also in the Variety post: Multiple critics noted “Lockout’s” resemblance to “Escape From New York.” The setup is basically ‘Escape From New York’ in space,” wrote Variety‘s Justin Chang.

Recall, as noted by Wikipedia, there was a potential third Snake Plissken film entitled Escape from Mars .

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