Thursday, September 10, 2015

The American Spectator gets it wrong on HR 9, the Innovation Act

An article in the American Spectator by David Applegate and Gene J. Koprowski contains the following questionable text:

House Resolution 9 (H.R. 9) seems today most favorable to technology industries, including Silicon Valley and biotech and pharma, among the current batch of laws being considered by the Congress.


Jim Greenwood of BIO wrote in TheHill in July 2015:

Unfortunately, some of the current patent reform bills working their way through Congress do not sufficiently address this abuse. And our industry is not alone when it comes to concerns that H.R. 9, the bill moving through the House of Representatives, will undermine intellectual property rights by creating great uncertainty about the reliability and enforceability of patents. As of today, 145 prominent American research universities, hundreds of businesses of all sizes and independent investors in innovation have joined in registering their concerns about the bill. And our industry has worked — and will continue to work — in the spirit of cooperation to help get the legislation right.



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