Sunday, September 27, 2015

Another German politician charged with plagiarizing Ph.D. thesis

Of the case of alleged plagiarism by German Defence Minister Ursula van der Leyen:

The Berlin-based law professor Gerhard Dannemann, who investigated her thesis and published his findings on the internet platform Vroniplag Wiki, said several passages of her thesis were clearly from sources that were not attributed.

"In think the flaws are more severe than in the case of Mrs Schavan," Dannemann told Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper in an interview to be published on Monday. "We're not talking about a borderline case here."

Schavan resigned as education minister in 2013 after being stripped of her doctorate for plagiarism, embarrassing Merkel and the conservatives in the run-up to the elections that year.


**The Telegraph noted:

Ms von der Leyen is alleged to have copied text in her obstetrics doctorate verbatim from other sources without proper attribution on 27 of the 62 pages of her 1990 dissertation, according to Berlin-based law professor Gerhard Dannemann, who examined the thesis and published his findings on VroniPlag.

The defence minister, a member of Mrs Merkel's centre-right CDU party and a mother of seven, qualified as a doctor in 1987 and was awarded a doctorate in medicine in 1991, working as a gynaecologist and in public health before entering politics, according to her website.



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