Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Morning on August 30, 2015

Martha Teichner did the cover story on New Orleans after
Katrina. Ended with a "then and now" on three

August 30, 1901. Vacuum cleaner.Hubert Cecil Booth.
In 2002, Sunday Morning covered a vacuum cleaner
collector convention with Bill Geist.
As to patent issues, in 2001, BBC News noted:

A hundred years ago, a very different beast was born when engineer
Hubert Cecil Booth invented the Puffing Billy.

Booth's machines became the talk of the town and he was called upon
to perform a number of unusual jobs - like cleaning the girders
of Crystal Palace, which were suffering from accumulated dust.


After the launch of the first vacuum cleaner, it was six years
before the invention of a machine which would not only revolutionise
our lives, but our vocabulary.

One of the earlier contraptions
An early vacuum cleaner
In 1907, William Henry Hoover produced the first commercial bag-on-a-stick
upright vacuum cleaner in Ohio, USA, although he was not responsible for its design.

He bought the patent from his wife's cousin, James Murray Spangler.

link to BBC article:

** The story on Chris Craft began with Matt Smith. Woody boater.
[Matt Smith never dreamed that Woody Boater (
would so perfectly fill a need in the classic boating community. ] Chris Craft.
Chris Craft started in Algonac, Michigan, a small town on the St. Clair River.
Wayne Eversole of Everso Marine Restorations.
Of patents, US 2332178, This invention relates generally
to power boats and refers more particularlyto boats of the type
adapted to be grounded for landing purposes.

Qne of the principal objects of this invention resides
in the provision of means for exerting an upward thrust
on the hull of the boat to elevate the latter at the time
the propeller is operated to move the boat in one direction.

** Mark Phillips on James Corden.
National Theater in London. The History Boys.

** Dogs howling to CBS Sunday morning.

Ben Stein on 10% drop in stock market.
18.4 trillion. 0.7% of us economy related to China.
Bogus macroeconomics. Stein says patience
will be rewarded.

Some text of Ben Stein:

The pundits and analysts appeared and said it was because of the Chinese devaluation and possible serious weakness in China. This, in turn, would devastate U.S. exports, supposedly, to China and sink the ship of our prosperity.

That was, and is, nonsense.

The U.S. economy's output is roughly $18.4 trillion per year.
Total exports to China are very roughly $120 billion per year.

That a lot of hamburgers, but it's roughly seven-tenths
of one percent of the U.S. economy.

If our exports to China fell by 20 percent -- a large number --
that would have only trifling effect on the U.S. economy --
very roughly one-tenth of one percent of U.S. output,
trivial even for an economy as big as ours.

One comment to Stein's opinion piece:

[Look at] Mr. Reich's Aug 23 column where he states
it's estimated that in 5 years 40% of the workforce
will have uncertain work and that in 10 years
most of us will have uncertain work. If' he's correct
almost no one will have money for the stock market.
We'll be lucky if we can keep a roof over our heads.

**Michelle Miller on chef John Besh. Book Besh Big Easy.
Add riffs; make it my own. August Restaurant.
Red beans and rice served after Katrina.
Willie Mae's Scotch House. John Besh Foundation.

** Lee Cowan with Dick Cheney, now 74. Book "Exceptional."
"The collapsing Obama doctrine.".
If you are criticism-free, you are probably not doing your job.
Darth Vader hitch cover.

** Moment of nature. Viking. Zion National Park, Utah.
Spotted Towhees.


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