Sunday, August 02, 2015

Sunday Morning on August 2, 2015

Almanac. August 2, 1754: Pierre L'Enfant born. Died in 1825.

Martha Teichner on fruit plates in Moscow,

Conor Knighton on "Summer of '69".
Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. Clips of them in Oklahoma City.

Osgood on Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed
Cecil the lion. Osgood noted that the number of lions
has gone from 75,000 in 1980 to less than half that now.

Barry Peterson on Ron Diolio, teacher of
astronomy. Dark night sky in West Texas.

Mark Strassman in Havana on Cuban cigars.
Monteveisto. Pinar del rio.robaina.
Marcus Daniel of Naples, Fl.

Steve Hartman in Fairport, NY Bob Cramer and Leona sharp.

Rob Reiner interviewed.

Mo Rocca on Mustang convertibles.
Mat Anderson of Dearborn museum.
FDR and the Sunshine Special.

Pulse. Top summer song Katy Perry Califormia Gurls.

August 3. National hobo convention in Brit, Iowa.

Ben Stein on low rate of increase in
Worker productivity. Stein on impact of time spent
on cell phone. If we are gossiping, we are not working.

Next week: Jon Stewart.

Moment of nature. Viking. Joshua Tree National Park in


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