Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lobbying for ED Texas?

The ED Texas Bar Association has hired a lobbyist, Gaylord Hughey.

See post on TheHill Texas lawyers lobby up in patent fight

From a different post (from March 2015 in the Texas Tribune):

WASHINGTON – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush now has a serious GOP fundraiser in East Texas backing his early presidential efforts.

Oil and gas attorney Gaylord Hughey Jr., the top GOP bundler of East Texas, said in a Thursday interview with The Texas Tribune that he will round up Piney Woods money for Bush.

“I think he’s pragmatic. I think he’s thought a lot about his positions,” Hughey said in a phone interview. “I don’t think he will change his public policy positions to pander to folks, and I think that authenticity will come through in his campaign."

"And I think it will make him successful,” he added.

On Sunday, the Tribune named Hughey as one of the most sought-after Republican bundlers in the Lone Star State.



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