Sunday, August 16, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on August 16, 2015

Lee Cowan, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories, and news,
for August 16, 2015.

A clip about Farmers Almanac predicting a cold winter.

Lee Cowan did the cover story on the absence
of running water in the Navajo area.
Water is available in Thoreau, NM.
Darlene Alviso the water lady.
Nina gets by on 7 gallons per day.
George McGraw, digdeep. Dan McCool at U of Utah.
Water at 600 feet, but with uranium.

Almanac. Aug. 16, 1987. Harmonic convergence
at Mt. Shasta.

Barry Petersen on John Fielder, Rocky Mountain
photographer. North fork of Gunnison.
William H. Jackson in 1870s.
Then and now.

The Wilderness Act.

Tracy Smith on Ed Burns. Valley Stream.
The Brothers McMullen. Sundance Film Festival.
She's the One."15 Minutes"

Uggie the Jack Russell terrier in "The artist" put to sleep
at age 13.

Anna Warner on coin designers. There is art in money.
Don Everhart. There are 7 coin designers.
1792: mint was first federal building.
DE initials appear on Everhart coins.

Anthony Mason on Sam Smith. Stay with Me.
The thought of being 60 years old and I could have tried harder.
Great Chisle.

Edelstein on The Man from Uncle.

Aug 20: highest paid actresses
Aug 22: billboard, Jones Beach.

Next week on Sunday Morning. South Carolina's Low Country.

Moment of nature. Wildflowers in Catskill, NY


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