Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bass on pharma IPRs: individual self-interest, properly directed, benefits society writ large.

See post on PatentlyO titled Kyle Bass’s Response to Motions about Abuse of IPR in IPR2015-01092 . Onw notes that IPR2015-01092 concerns Celgene's US Patent 6,045,501.

Separately, see the Bloomberg piece Will Kyle Bass’s Drug Patent Gambit Pay Off? He’ll Soon Find Out .
This article concerns Bass's challenge to a patent related to the drug Ampyra of the company Acorda (US Patent No. 8,663,685 ; IPR2015-00720 ):

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is expected to say by Wednesday whether there’s merit in the first of Bass’s 20 drug-patent challenges, this one targeting Acorda Therapeutics Inc.’s multiple sclerosis drug Ampyra. The agency will institute a formal review if it thinks Bass has a chance of winning.

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See also:


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