Monday, July 20, 2015

Techcrunch on Google’s New, Simplified Patent Search

Google modifies Google.patents on July 16. Techcrunch observes:

Google has been a significant player in many facets of the patent world — as a creator, critic, litigator, buyer and big data indexer. Today, it’s taking the wraps off a product that is its flagship in the last of those categories: It’s launching a new version of the Google Patents search, which will now also incorporate related results of Prior Art and Google Scholar citations.

Google says the old link and its standalone Prior Art Finder will continue to work for now.


Trying the google link with the search term "Joule Unlimited" produced 53 results, the first of which was

Enabling technologies or technologies with a potential or indirect contribution to GHG emissions mitigation
Electrofuels: A new paradigm for renewable fuels
Google Scholar Conrado R Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts
Published 2013
Abstract Biofuels are by now a well-established component of the liquid fuels market and will continue to grow in importance for both economic and environmental reasons. To date, all commercial approaches to biofuels involve photosynthetic capture of solar radiation and ...
Search within classification Y02E60/00 (15 results)

IPBiz is not certain that the "new" search was that helpful for prior art on Joule's work, and indeed not even thorough.


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