Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ice cream and intellectual property

Dunlap Codding has a recent post titled The Cold Reality of Our Favorite Frozen Treat Lawsuits mentioning certain trademark disputes in the ice cream biz.

For example, “Mister Softee” and “Master Softee” argued over Master Softee’s use of Mister Softee’s federally registered logo and sensory marks and its trade dress, among other issues. The owner of the “Master Softee” trucks, Dimitrios Tsirkos, was a prior franchisee of “Mister Softee.”

IPBiz has discussed some patent disputes in the ice cream biz. See for example
Popsicle patent wars of yesteryear

And don't forget that "melted ice cream" was behind the Evinrude patents. In 1906, ice cream melted while Evinrude was rowing to his girl friend. See


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