Friday, July 24, 2015

Holt still clueless on patent reform

Mytheos Holt has another post on patent reform titled: The Fight Against Patent Trolls Is About Principle: link:

He suggests that patent reform was bipartisan. He omits that the opposition to patent reform is also bipartisan.

Holt writes:

That it is breaking down is a sign of the success of an otherwise very dubious public relations campaign seeking to cast the idea of patent reform as a giveaway to corporate interests and the Chinese.

One issue is that Goodlatte's "loser pays" provision is a problem for small inventors and universities, not so much of a problem for big companies, and nothing to do with the Chinese. One can look at the recent Columbia University / Illumina matter. Was Columbia University a troll who should pay Illumina's legal fees because Columbia lost?


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