Sunday, July 19, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on July 19, 2015

Jane Pauley, not Charles Osgood, introduced the stories for July 19, 2015. Mark Strassman does the cover story on blind people playing baseball. John Blackstone on comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, a recycle from Sept. 14, 2014 . Title of piece: Real Characters. Anthony Mason on Brian Wilson.
The story of Melinda Wilson. Lee Cowan on spam in Hawaii. The islands are a spam-a-holic's paradise. Martha Teichner. Steve Hartman.

Headlines: Another service member from Chattanooga shooting died. National Guard forces to be armed in several states at recruiting stations. JEB Bush on Trump: enough with slanderous attacks. Obama at "Hamilton". Today's weather: hot. Thunderstorms in northeast.

Mark Strassman starts with Brandon Chesser, who had retinitis pigmentosa, which progressively got worse. In 2006, he met Pam, his future wife. Austin Blackhawks. This story is a recycle from November 2014. See

CBS Sunday Morning on November 2, 2014
. See also Play it by ear: Baseball for the blind

Almanac. July 19, 1941. V for victory sign introduced. Colonel Victory. 3 short knocks, 1 long. ...-. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Martha Teichner on artist J.M.W. Turner. Movie: Mr. Turner. Mike Lee wrote and directed "Mr. Turner." At 24, in 1799, did a self-portrait. Julian Brooks curator of show at DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. Turner transformed Venice into magical city. Town of Margate. "Admiral Booth." Died in 1851 at age 76. Recall from December 2007: J. M. W. TURNER: A look at the works of British artist J.M.W. Turner at the National Gallery of Art in Washington with Morley Safer.

John Blackstone on Key and Peele. Last year named in Time's 100 most influential people. Peabody. They worked on MAD TV. Both born to white mother/black father. Presidential aide named "Luther". Emotional valve.

Pauley on "New Horizons" going to Pluto. Tombaugh Regio. In 2006: dwarf planet. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Kuiper belt.

Lee Cowan on spam in Hawaii. No state eats more spam than Hawaii. Spam flavored Macademia. Spam at McDonald's. Iniki spam burger. Todd Rundgren. Hormel in Austin, Minnesota. Spam was invented in 1937. Muppet Treasure Island. In the blue and yellow can is Spam. [Story recycled from Nov. 23, 2014.]

Steve Hartman in Kittredge Elementary in North Andover, MA. 10 years ago three students in 2nd grade. Kyra Brown. The kids dug a rock out of the ground. The magical power of making friends. "The power of the rock." [Recycled from news story on July 10, 2015:]

Anthony Mason on Brian Wilson. Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Al Jardine. Cake wheeled out from back stage. 73rd birthday. A summer of milestones. Released 11th solo album. John Cusack plays older Brian Wilson. Wilson was 20 when Beach Boys signed with Capitol Records. Cousin Mike Love. 1965: Pet Sounds Album, including Wouldn't it be nice. Mike and the guys didn't like it, but Brian said, we got to grow. 1980's. Melinda: when you tell the truth everything works out. Melinda was working at a Cadillac dealership. Dr. Lande was controlling Brian Wilson. Melinda called attorney general about situation. I want out of this hell hole. In 1991, family found out about changed will. Nine year ordeal over. Melinda and Brian married in 1995. Belinda: when we got married, I won.

Confronting 100 fears in 100 days. Nichtophobia. Michelle Fuller. Fear of tarantula. Fear of trapeze. Debbie Millman, School of Visual Arts in NYC. Fear of snakes. Adam Strawasser. Fear of frying food. Fear of insects for dinner. Fear of trapeze (continued). Tapping into inner strength. Fear of dancing in public. Fear of skydiving.

Opinion. NYT on Cosby deposition. What to make. Joseph Phillips. John Wooden on importance of character. Reputation is what others think you are. If the allegations are true, Cosby has flawed character with stellar reputation. The Bill Cosby legacy. Does value of works outweigh character flaws? Behaviors carry consequences.
Cosby legacy will be determined by character Cosby manifests now, not his reputation.

Monday: US and Cuba upgrade to embassy status. Tuesday: Anniversary of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Wed. Prince George 2 years old. Saturday: National Dance Day.

Sunday Journal. JericKa Duncan on Randall Smith, victim of Chattanooga shooting. Shooter: 7 month visit to Jordan.

Next week: Heart and Soul. Love is in the air.

Moment of nature. Waterfalls in Oregon's Cascades. The American Dipper bird. With a uniformly slate-gray color, long legs, a somewhat stocky body and short tail, the Dipper (sometimes called the Water Ouzel) is 7- 8 inches long and weighs just 1.5 to 2.5 ounces. from


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