Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Retraction of journal articles because of plagiarism on the rise?

An article in The Scientist titled Retractions Often Due to Plagiarism: Study points to the matter of retraction of journal articles BECAUSE OF a determination of copying [plagiarism].

One caveat was that a subset of retractions due to fraudulent peer review were excluded in the calculations. Fraudulent peer review??? There was a link to a post which post included the text:

Earlier this year, SAGE Publishers was caught up in a case of suspected peer review and citation manipulation at its Journal of Vibration and Control. All told, SAGE found that suspected fakers used more than 130 phony e-mail accounts in organized peer review and citation rings. As The Washington Post reported, 60 papers have been retracted as a result of these rigged reviews and references being found out.

One infers that if a paper is retracted for multiple reasons, only the dominant reason counts?


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