Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mytheos Holt praises Goodlatte’s Innovation Act

Mytheos Holt, a Senior Fellow in Freedom to Innovate with the Institute for Liberty, and sometime writer for US Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), goes after Democratic Iowa Senate Candidate Bob Krause in an article in the DailyCaller.

There is a line about arguments of Krause and opponents of patent reform (reform manifested in Goodlatte's Innovation Act): as is often the case when an argument’s biggest exponents are the architects of Obamacare and trigger warning-happy universities, this attempt to gloss over the real problem of patent trolling is utterly untrue.

One suspects Dana Rohrabacher, Republican Congressman from Orange County, CA, finds it amusing to be grouped with the "architects of Obamacare." And a different Holt ("Rush"), a Democrat (and Ph.D. scientist) from the Princeton, NJ area was also NOT in the camp of patent reform.

** Another memorable line from Mytheos:

Contrary to the liberal narrative that paints them as heroic little guys standing up against nasty, evil corporations, NPEs are nothing but leeches, and the sorts of leeches who dirty the name of the legal system, to boot.

link: http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/29/dont-feed-the-patent-trolls/#ixzz3eZQhy06x

There are actually "heroic little guys" who survive because of the patent system.
LBE has written about the Spencer repeating rifle which played an important role at "East Cavalry Field" at Gettysburg and during Wilson's cavalry raid to Selma. The Wright Brothers' story is legendary. Chester Carlson, the father of xerography, was ignored for years and then later copied. The recent "axe handle" bat story illustrates a recent case of the importance of patents to the "little guy."


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