Sunday, June 21, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on June 21, 2015

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Father's Day, June 21, 2015. Lee Cowan does the cover story on family leave.
Second, Tracy Smith interviews Pat Boone. Third, Barry Petersen on small businesses in Viet Nam. Fourth, Anthony Mason on"Little Big Town." Fifth, Bill Geist; Steve Hartman; Jim Gaffigan. Headlines: Sunday services at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. Manhunt in New Orleans. NY State police look for escapees in Allegheny County. June 21 is longest day of year. Yogathon. Weather: cool in northeast; rainstorms.

Martha Teichner mentions Denmark Vesey. [Wikipedia: in 1818 he was among the founders of an AME Church in the city, which later became Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. The first independent black denomination in the nation, it had recently been organized in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.] Poll says 61% of people think race relations are bad.

Lee Cowan on parental leave. Example of six week leave for father to be with adopted child. Price Waterhouse has policy of six weeks leave. The US has no law on paid leave. FMLA has 12 weeks of unpaid leave. A study shows dads take an average of two weeks. National Partnership for Women and Families. Poll : 80% favor paid leave for parents.
"Family Act" offers three months at 66% salary. Videoclip of Dan Rather on Cal. paid leave law in 2002.

Pulse: In 1960, 70% of households, only dad works.

Almanac. June 21, 1921. Jane Russell born. Movie: "The Outlaw." Adoption group: WAIF. Died in 2011. Publicity can be terrible, but only if you don't have any.

Anthony Mason on "Little Big Town"'s Girl Crush. We are a walking breathing country song.

Bill Geist on cat circus. Samantha Msrtin's Acro-cats. 17 cats.

Barry Petersen's postcard from Vietnam. "The floating market."

Speed the tortoise died at San Diego Zoo.

Ringing church bells in Charleston.

Steve Hartman on 1053 Malcolm Road in Toledo. Built in 1955. Selling of the family home.

Pat Boone. April love. Pat turned 81 last month. The issue of covering songs initially done by black artists. Ain't that a shame. 1957: Chevy variety show, Class of 1958 at Columbia University. Raised in Nashville/
Contract to sell Beatles pictures. In 1997: heavy metal album. Shirley Foley. I'd like to be loved by everybody, but nobody is.

Brannigan on Father's Day. Dads are the human equivalent of cargo shorts. Without the comparison to dads, moms would look horrible.

Week ahead. Monday: 5th annual, sings for pride. Tuesday: Shatner journey Wed. sentencing in Boston Thurs. Grammy museum on Supremes. Friday: take your dog to work Sat.: Grateful Dead.

Video from Charleston. Church bell ringing.

Next week. "Heart and soul" Capture love in a photograph?

Moment of nature, Spiriva. Elks in Rocky Mountain National Park.


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