Sunday, June 07, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning for June 7, 2015

Jane Pauley (not Charles Osgood) introduced the stories for 7 June 2015. Erin Moriarty does the cover story on Tyler Climenti, who was cyber-bullied. Title: In his name. Second, Anthony Mason on John Kander, up for a Tony on New York, New York. Third, Mo Rocca interviews Ben Vereen. Allusion to 1977 tv show Roots. Fourth, John Blackstone on California earthquakes. Lucy Jones on movie San Andreas. Fact from fiction? John LaPook. Martha Teichner. Steve Hartman.
Headlines: President Obama with Chancellor Merkel. Mourners for Beau Biden. Obama eulogy: lived life to fullest. He left nothing in the tank. Boston bat incident. Pictures of Charlotte with George. Belmont Stakes triple crown, first in 37 years. Weather: warmer in the east.
Clip: American Pharaoh worth 100 million as a stud.
First up was Michelle Miller on Belmont/American Pharoah. Victor Espinoza. Justin Zayat.
Sept. 22, 2010: Port Authority police called the Climenti family. Tyler was accomplished as a violinist. Older brother James. Evangelical Christian Church. In summer of 2010, James reached out to younger brother. Feb. 12: Dharun Ravi went on trial. At 8:42pm on Sept. 22: jumping off GW bridge. Now, parents speaking out against cyber-bullying. "Day 1" campaign. Bystanders become upstanders. Don't underestimate what your child is going through.

Almanac. June 7, 1843. Susan Elizabeth Blow born. Founder of kindergarten. 1873 St. Louis. Right of passage for five year olds. Robert Fulghum book. Movie: Kindergarten Cop. Now: 6 in 10 NOT enrolled in public kindergarten.
Wikipedia notes: Susan Elizabeth Blow (June 7, 1843 in Carondelet, St. Louis, Missouri – March 27, 1916 in New York City, New York) was a United States educator who opened the first successful public Kindergarten in the United States. She is known as the "Mother of Kindergarten".

Martha Teichner. Madison Square Park public art. Theresita Fernandez. Fata Morgana. Art meant to be walked through. Reflective surface. Piece: Black Sun. Mass. MOCA. Got MacArthur genius grant. Artwork made of raw mined graphite.
Brooklyn studio. Finding your co-ordinates.

Anthony Mason. "The Visit." 88 year old John Kander. Fred Ebb. First show: Flora, The Red Menace. Next: Cabaret. Chicago opened in 1975. Re-opened in 1996. Writing was always a good time. Songs for 1977 movie New York, New York. Robert DeNiro did not like initial opening song, led to New York, New York we know. Fred Ebb died in 2004. Unfinished musical: Curtain. I miss the music. New collaborator: Fred Pierce.

Steve Hartman in Los Cruces, New Mexico. Becky Garcia is librarian. Kitty condo. Sign out kittens. 100 kittens have been adopted from the library.

Dr. John LaPook on Marianne and Michelle joined twins in Haiti. Dr. Henri Ford, moved to Brooklyn in 1972. Now Chief of Surgery at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Ford has been to Haiti more than 20 times since earthquake. "Partners in Health." Teaching hospital. In surgery, team is color-coded. Seven hour procedure.

Moment of nature: High Falls State Park in Georgia


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