Sunday, May 10, 2015

Patent quality, -again

VentureBeat has a post titled --

Patents: How the tech industry is shifting from quantity to quality. --

Including the text


Further to the absolute numbers, many filers are winning the quality argument, making the investment in low-quality patents an increasingly higher risk proposition. Betting on low quality is always a risky tactic – rather, it’s much safer to make an appropriate investment in quality and then take on all comers.
While the use of effective pre-filing methods is skyrocketing, patent litigation is quickly plummeting. Litigation decreased at least 20 percent over the past year. This isn’t to say the patent troll problem has been completely eradicated or that litigation doesn’t still have a foothold in the industry – that would be inaccurate. But this new trend toward ensuring quality ahead of time, rather than pursuing the path of litigation after the fact, is certainly a step in the right direction.
No matter your business goals, a focus on patent quality is essential. The industry — and the world — will be better for it.



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