Thursday, May 14, 2015

More on the CRISPR patent matter

IPBiz has been covering the patent issues with CRISPR (e.g.,
Will there be an interference between the Zhang and Doudna work on CRISPR?
CRISPR is high profile in science, patents; competitor labeled a mere second comer )

Further to IPBiz posts on the CRISPR matter, note

UPDATE on 22 July 2015

Note the text: On the other hand, a third party has filed documentation in support of a claim against the Doudna application for failure to comply with the duty of candor and good faith, which encompasses the duty to disclose prior art; thus, invalidating any patent that might issue from the Doudna application.

A finding of inequitable conduct renders the claims of the associated patent unenforceable, not invalid.


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