Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fudan University removes promotional video after allegations of copying

Concerning allegations that a promotional video for Fudan University borrowed heavily from a film from Tokyo University,
the Wall Street Journal had text:

Social media users were quick to mock the video, which the university explained earlier this week was produced in English in keeping with its increasingly internationalized campus. Some said that Fudan University would be more aptly named “Fuzhi” University: in Chinese, fuzhi means to copy.

“Such a famous school shouldn’t need to plagiarize for their promotional films,” wrote one user on Weibo. Another complained that the Chinese version, twice the length of the University of Tokyo film, was still inferior. “If you’re going to learn from something, then what you create should be better than the original. If you look at the two, it’s obvious the Japanese one is better,” the user wrote.



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