Monday, May 11, 2015

Ericsson expands the patent battle against Apple

Ericsson, a large holder of standard essential patents ("SEP assets") in the mobile world, has recently filed infringement actions against Apple in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. It claims it wants Apple to license its technologies on the same Frand (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory) terms as everyone else, but that the US firm has refused to do so, since their previous contract expired in January.

At the bottom of the dispute is "how" licensing fees are calculated.

From MacWorld Australia:

Sources suggest the way the licence fee is calculated is the main issue. Apple wants to lay the fee based on the cost of components that use Ericsson’s technology, whereas Ericsson wants the fee calculated based in the final cost of a complete iPhone or iPad.
However, Ericsson claims that even that action excludes most of the 41 patents that it asserts all iPhones and cellular capable iPads use. In an official statement, Ericsson says, “Apple does not currently have any licence for Ericsson’s technology, but continues to sell products, for which its licences have expired, on a global scale.”


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