Monday, May 11, 2015

"Common sense" from Cringely , or was that KSR?

From Robert X. Cringely  :

Keep this up and I’ll file for a patent of my own: “Trajectories and Methods for Alternating Television Entertainment Feeds Using Infrared, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Radio, Cellular, Child Labor, and/or Fingertip Transmission Mediums.” That way, unless you change the channels on your TV using your teeth, you’ll have to pay me a handsome settlement. (I’ll take scotch.)

I’m not asking for much, and neither is the FTC or the EFF. “Common sense” is a phrase that comes up, along with “paying attention.” Maybe keep in mind that we’re trying to stimulate the economy, not lawsuits. I’d come up with a pithier sentiment, but the meds are wearing off and I think Maginot’s heading this way again. I'd better get his order ready and to his liking.



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