Sunday, May 17, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on May 17, 2015

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for May 17, 2015. The first mentioned was on David Letterman. The second mentioned was the cover story, titled Places, on the economics of film locations. Third, Nora O'Donnell on the Whitney Museum. Fourth, Conor Knighton on Sun City, Arizona. Rita Braver. Steve Hartman. Jim Gaffing.

Headlines. Tornados in rural Oklahoma. Top ISIS leader killed. Amtrak says emergency braking system will be installed in area of crash of Amtrak 188. Girl gored by bison in Yellowstone.

Weather: 80s in northeast.

Letterman kept Sullivan Theater at 61 degrees F.

Lee Cowan does the cover story, titled Places, on Hollywood. Issue of "runaway production." David Lancaster: most bang for movie-making buck. Location shooting around Los Angeles is down 50% since 1996. Mayor Eric Garsetti: 330 million dollar incentive package. Louisiana is the "other LA." PitchPerfect-2 shot in Louisiana. Hollywood-South.
Tax credits in 2002. Green Lantern. Got 37 million back from state of Louisiana. Celtic Studios. Fantastic Four. Jan Moeller criticizes film subsidies. The first Hunger Games done in North Carolina, but next two in Georgia.

Almanac. May 17, 1992 Lawrence Welk died at age 89. At age 21, Welk did not speak English. In 1951, Welk got a show in Los Angeles. For 27 years, the Lawrence Welk show was on tv. Final show in 1982. Strasberg was birth homestead; in 1992 debate in Congress over funding for homestead.

Pulse: Letterman got 16 Emmys.

Whitney Museum first opened its doors 101 years ago. Now a new site, trendy meat packing district downtown. Whitney focusses on art of the United States. Adam Wineburg. Renzo Piano was architect. Negro sunshine. There are 50,000 square feet of indoor space. Mary Heilman's multi-colored chairs outside. The art is part of the whole world. There has been criticism: clunky or dull. You do what the truth is for you. Whitney Studio in Greenwich Village in 1914.
Edward Hopper; Georgia O'Keefe were given a home at the Whitney. Last Whitney opened in 1956. "America is hard to see."

Conor Knighton on Sun City, AZ which has 40,000 residents. Age-restricted retirement community. Average age is over 70.
Uke-lady. Every time you heard a siren, there was a house up for sale. Del Webb's biggest gamble was Sun City.
Initial homes were 860 square feet. January 1, 1960 was first day. 100,000 people came through over first three days.
Rich Hopper interviewed; three generations. Sun City is now getting a face lift. Piffle ball. Sun City is now 55 years old.

Steve Hartman on second chances. Belinda Smith on wanting to go to high school prom. Didn't go. Son took her to prom.

Jane Pauley on Dave Letterman. Bill Murray was first guest. Football into garbage can. Letterman took ten tries.
There were 18,000 guests. It's like robbing 7-11: the money is good but you know you are going to get caught. In high school, took public speaking. Wow, that was easy. College at Ball State. The weather and weekend movies.
Moved to Los Angeles. On Tonight Show, with Johnny Carson. Like sitting at Lincoln Memorial and talking to Lincoln.
Like standing on overpass watching a chain reaction collision. NBC gave him a slot after Johnny Carson.

Alcohol-ism. Started at age 11. Scotch and soda. In college, it was mandatory. Where are all my drunk buddies. Kept on until age 34. Then quit. In 2009, liasons with staffers. After surgery, joyful weepiness. Shingles.
Brian Williams told helicopter story on Letterman show. Williams lobbied to do Letterman show. Son born when Letterman was 56. Pauley was guest on Letterman the year Pauley left Today. This Wednesday is Letterman's last show.

Jim Gaffigan on Dave Letterman.

B.B. King. Clip with Ed Bradley. King was 89.

Week ahead. Monday: Annual Webby Awards. Tuesday: Melissa McCarthy, Hollywood Star. Thursday: Fleet week.

Rita Braver interviews Judy Blume. Clips from Elizabeth, NJ. Three plane crashes, Dec. 1951 to Feb. 1952.
Book "In the Unlikely Event." Judy Blume born in 1938. Determination is what gets you through. Blume now lives in Key West. Book "Forever..." The lesson of human resilience. Terrible things happen. We go on.

Next week: Anthony Mason on tour with U2.

Moment of Nature (Viking). Indiana Dunes along Lake Michigan.


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