Sunday, May 10, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on May 10, 2015, Mothers Day

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Mothers Day.  First mentioned,  Tracy Smith on storybook mom, which is not the cover story.
Second, Michelle Miller on the Daytona a Beach Speedway.  Third, Ben Tracy. On Bo Derek.
Fourth, Conor Knighton on tv moms.  Fifth, Teichner on Abe Lincoln.  Headlines:  tornados in north Texas.  Tropical storm in the Carolinas.  VE Day in Europe.  Weather:  rain in northeast.

Elizabeth Palmer on the birth dearth, starting in Sardinia.  In 2014, fewer babies born than in any year since 1871. In Italy, one quarter of women have no children at all.

Almanac.  May 10, 1977.  Joan Crawford died.  Mildred Pierce.  Relation with daughter, Christina.  1981 movie, Mommie Dearest.

Pulse.   27%, call mother once a day

Teichner on Lincoln train. Robert Reed book.  April 21, 1865 was start of funeral train.  Train went through 400 places.  Theodore Roosevelt viewed Lincoln.  Knightstown, Indiana on April 30.  Lincoln buried on May 4.  Hearse car was destroyed in 1904.  Replica car in Springfield last weekend.  $350000 cost.

Clip of Donna Reed.  Conor Knighton does story; begins with clip of Mom.  Then clip from Leave it to Beaver.  Cheerful, apron-wearing moms.  My mother the car.  The Brady Bunch.  The Partridge Family.  Roseanne.  Modern family.  Marge Simpson.  Betty Draper of Mad Men.  Game of Thrones.
Empire.  Homeland.

Michelle Miller on Lisa France Kennedy of Daytona Speedway.  International Speedway Association.
Bill France Senior founded Nascar.   Jan. 2016, more than 100,000 new seats.  Daytona Rising.  Connect with a driver.  Dr. Bruce Kennedy died in a plane crash.  Ben is great grandson of nascar founder.

Steve Hartman on Carla Wilson.  Loveland, Co.

Tracy Smith on Storybook Mom.  David Saltzman, son, died.  Every year, 15,000 children diagnosed with cancer.  The Jester has lost his jingle.

Nancy Giles.  Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear of Independence, Missouri.
Yellow Taxi.   Kenneth Ward.  Ben Franklin five and dime is closed.  The Backroom Gallery.
Ruth Whitlock of South Bend, Indiana.   Appeared on Letterman.

Scott Simon of NPR talks about his mother, PATRICIA LYONS SIMON NEWMAN GILBAND.

Next week:  Sunday Morning does Dave letterman

Moment of nature.  Cold Creek Nevada.  Horses.
From your reflections:

To my surprise as I turned onto the road of Cold Creek I seen nothing but desert until all of a sudden I noticed 2 horses just walking down the road. I stopped the car in excitement and the horses started walking toward me. Come to find out you aren’t suppose to feed them, but people do which leads them near the road and a little curious to see what humans are up to. Along the road I would continue to pass a few different herds, all which were not too scared I was there and allowed be to be in their midst taking photos.


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