Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CAFC on Apple v. Samsung on 18 May 2015

A jury found that Samsung
infringed Apple’s design and utility patents
and diluted Apple’s trade dresses.
For the reasons that follow, we affirm the jury’s verdict on the
design patent infringements, the validity of two
utility patent claims, and the damages awarded for
the design and utility patent infringements appealed by Samsung.

However, we reverse the jury’s findings
that the asserted
trade dresses are protectable. We therefore
vacate the jury’s damages awards
against the Samsung products
that were found liable for trade dress dilution and remand
for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.


Link: http://www.cafc.uscourts.gov/images/stories/opinions-orders/14-1335.Opinion.5-14-2015.1.PDF

**See also New York Times article

Appeals Court Upholds Apple’s Patent Victory Over Samsung

which included the text

Separately on Monday, Carl C. Icahn, the activist investor, published an open letter to Apple. In the 2,200-word letter, he said Apple’s shares were still “dramatically undervalued,” and urged Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive, to buy back more of Apple’s stock because the company was sitting on too much cash.


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