Friday, April 03, 2015

Writer on plagiarism copied without attribution

The New York Post and NPR, among others, comment on the ironic situation of a paper on plagiarism being retracted because the paper itself copied without attribution. Here, the author is Shamim and the paper is in the Indian Journal of Dermatology.

Readers of IPBiz know this is not the first example of such an incident. ["Some folks might remember that SIU copied its plagiarism definition from IU. "]

See NY Post article at
Academic paper on plagiarism pulled because of plagiarism

Unfortunately for Dr. Thorakkal Shamim, the paper’s author, the Indian Journal of Dermatology took his work very seriously and discovered that it was a copy of another doctor’s dissertation, which was titled “Developing a comprehensive guideline for overcoming and preventing plagiarism at the international level based on expert opinion with the Delphi method,” according to NPR.


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