Tuesday, April 14, 2015

US 9,005,518 to an algae bioreactor

From inside US '518:


The present disclosure is directed to an algae bioreactor, system and process. The present algae bioreactor utilizes a unique active flow to cultivate and produce algae. The algae bioreactor may be a stand-alone device or one component of a larger energy production system. The present algae bioreactor may be a closed container or an open system. The present algae bioreactor may be a deep vessel algae bioreactor. An advantage of the present algae bioreactor is that it has no geographical limitation--it is equally adaptable in warm climates as well as cold climates.

In an embodiment, an algae bioreactor is provided and includes a container with an inlet and an outlet. An algae suspension is present in the container. A flowpath moves from the inlet to the outlet. A light assembly and a liftwall are located in the container interior. A gas conduit extends along a length of the container interior, the gas conduit emitting gas bubbles into the algae suspension. The flowpath and the emitted gas bubbles move the algae in a helical motion around the liftwall. In an embodiment, the emitted gas bubbles are carbon dioxide bubbles.

In an embodiment, a diffuser is located below the light assembly and/or the liftwall. The diffuser emits gas bubbles. The flowpath, the emitted gas bubbles from the gas conduit and the diffuser produce an active flow of the algae from the inlet to the outlet.



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