Friday, April 10, 2015

Plagiarism in 2015: do hyperlinks count as attribution of source?

An article in the Houston Chronicle begins


In the world of academia, ideas are currency. That makes Robert Bullard, a Texas Southern University dean, prolific author and prominent scholar on environmental justice issues, a wealthy man.

but  moves into charges of plagiarism against Bullard.

Pointing out "this is 2015", Bullsrd notes he includes hyperlinks, which are apparently not recognized  as citations by plagiarism detection software.

As often is the case, the charges of plagiarism are embedded in deeper conflicts between Bullard and his accusers.

Link to article TSU dean, a pioneer of environmental justice, faces plagiarism allegations,
including the text:

"If you were used to citation in footnotes or end notes, it could raise the issue of improper citation," Bullard said. "But this is 2015, the last time I checked. People today - particularly under 30 - they're familiar with hyperlinks. They're familiar with blogs."

The milestones report is a "compilation of several previous reports" originally published in 2002, according to its preface. Much of the apparently copied content appears in a timeline at the end of the report. Bullard said he and his team solicited those milestones, accomplishments and important events "from leaders across the nation."

Bullard said the Safe Assign software is pulling up "false positives," finding work he has already published - including past editions of the milestones report - or the content submitted by contributors.


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