Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Plagiarism and the H1B visa issue

IPBiz touched on the subject of H1B visas in the post Big companies trying to feed castor oil to little companies on patent reform?.

Something to think about as to foreign students arises in the post Plagiarism on rise at Australian universities as academics face pressure to pass international students, including the text

“There are students that are falling through the cracks, and yes, they could end up being unsafe practitioners,” one academic, who worked for the University of Western Sydney and the Australian Catholic University told the ABC’s Four Corners.


Academics told the ABC the pressure to pass underperforming full-fee paying international students, with one lecturer saying she was “staggered” by the increase in plagiarism.

The report also shed light on the murky world of the offshore agents used by Australian universities to recruit hundreds of thousands of students, mainly from China.

In one case, a Beijing agent who represents universities including Monash, Queensland, Sydney, Newcastle, Southern Cross, ACU, ANU and UTS, was caught on tape saying he would accept a forged school transcript if a student had a poor academic record.


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