Tuesday, April 14, 2015

More on Life360 and Malcolm “Cap” Beyer, Jr.'s AGIS

The Washington Times continues the story about Life360 in a post titled This year’s fight for the tech industry: Patent trolls

Of the text -- He said his attorney told him that he had a strong case against the startup, even though the general technology had been widely used by other tech companies for years.

one notes the patent was found valid, but not infringed.

The Washington Times article "soft-pedals" the "loser pays" provision of the Innovation Act:

The bill also opens the door to a requirement that plaintiffs pay legal bills of the defendants if they lose.

The bill does not "open the door." Rather the presumption becomes ALL losers will pay.

As to the text

“It shouldn’t be so expensive to defend yourself from a completely meritless lawsuit,” Haro said.

Current law provides for fee-shifting for exceptional cases, which would encompass those that are "completely meritless."

See also post in Boston Herald of the AP story:

This year's fight for the tech industry: Patent trolls


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