Sunday, April 26, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on April 26, 2015

Lee Cowan did the stories for April 26.  David Pogue  did the cover, Hacked!   Second, Martha Teichner on paper weights.  Third, Lee Cowan on Helen Hunt.  Fourth, Scott Simon on cowboy cooking.  Tracy Smith, Mary Peterson.

Headlines.  6.7 aftershock in Nepal.  Protests in Baltimore over Freddie Gray.  Storm in Mobile Bay.
Correspondents dinner.  Weather.  Rain in NE.

Holly Williams in Kathmandu.  Airport opened this morning.

David Pogue shows high school students taking cyber security jobs. In Huntsville, AL.
Leviathan in Seattle.   Admin / admin was left as user password.
Cyber threat intelligence information center.  Lisa Monaco.  Ed scotus built CyberCity.
CyberPatriot competition.  Terrifyingly normal business.

Almanac.  April 26, 1977:  Studio 54 opened.  Now home of Roundabout theater company.

NJ artist Paul Stankard on paperweights.  Arthur Rubloff.

Moment of nature.  Kirby Canyon preserve in Morgan Hill, Ca.

The Bay Area Checkerspot only lives 10 days: it hatches (from chrysalis in the ground), eats, mates, lays eggs & dies.

This year they, AND the wildflowers, are VERY early: normally, they would peak in April, but *they are peaking NOW: in a week or so they will be GONE*.

The Kirby Canyon Landfill Conservation Trust funds and oversees activities related to conservation of the Bay checkerspot butterfly. The wildlife team fenced off 250 acres of prime butterfly habitat (The Kirby Canyon Butterfly Preserve) and placed grazing restrictions on the area to protect the plant community the butterfly depends on for food, protection, and reproduction. The Trust is involved in monitoring the Bay checkerspot butterfly habitat, its population, and the planting of rare or native plant food sources. To encourage the spread of Bay checkerspot butterflies throughout Coyote Valley, Kirby Canyon Landfill, in cooperation with the Creekside Center for Earth Observation, provided 4,000 larvae for translocation to a nearby Mateo County habitat. In early 2013, 10,000 larvae were introduced on two sites, Tulare Hill in Santa Clara Count and Edgewood Park. Increases in the Bay checkerspot butterfly population have been observed, which is wonderful news for this avid program.


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