Sunday, April 05, 2015

"60Minutes" on April 5, 2015

Lesley Stahl interviews Jay Johnson head of homeland security.

Scott Pelley interviews Jerry Adams.

Morley Safer on Wikipedia, free knowledge for everyone.

Johnson was general counsel of the defense department. "Hair on fire".
The lone wolf threat. Senate oversight committee criticized quality of intelligence
of HSA. This job for Johnson: opportunity to excel.
Starts work at 6:15am. 180 Americans went overseas to work with ISIS.
40 have returned to US. Targeted lethal force. Easier to say yes than to say no.
Lot of momentum behind saying yes. Judgments made today could be criticized later.
40,000 employees in HSA. FEMA is in HSA. Disparate amalgam.
Washington product. Secret Service is in HSA. Johnson has been at HSA for 14 months.
3 million travelers vetted by TSA every day.

Scott Pelley on The Troubles in Ireland. Boston College history project
implicated Gerry Adams. Adams does not dissociate himself from the IRA.
Dodging into fog. Shin Fein. A diplomat not a general.
In 1998, a truce was brokered. Jean McConvil in 1972. Good Friday agreement.
In 2001, the Belfast Project gathered oral testimony. Brendan Hughes.
BC promised tapes would remain sealed until death. Peace walls in Belfast.
98% of children go to schools either all Catholic or all Protestant.
Adams was held for four days. Those who remember history are doomed to repeat it?

Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia. Wiki means quick. The dance of the geeks.
Wikimania. 12,000 new pages created every day. 100,000 contributors ; they are careful.
Frick Museum on clocks. Soweto uprising in 1976. Wikipedia headquarters is in San Francisco.
There are fact checkers. There are no internet zillion aires at Wikipedia.
Wells is from Huntsville, Alabama. Bomos. Guy in dirty tee shirt eating Doritos.
Wells lives mainly in London. Zuckerberg-envy.
Jimmy Donal Wales.


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