Sunday, March 08, 2015

Universities dealing with student copyright infringers

From USAToday:

Under the DMCA, universities like Columbia are required to deal with each report of infringement in an “expedient” manner, which includes terminating Internet service for repeat offenders. Stanford University termites the Internet access of student who have received three DMCA infractions.
Recipients are also told that through Rightscorp, the settlements are $10 per infringement. After the infringements are paid, the copyright owner will send over a legal release.
“I paid twice out of fear, but have stopped since. Rightscorp calls me about Taylor Swift once or twice every single day,” Becher says.
At Ohio State University, there were over 340 first-time DMCA infractions last year alone. The university also uses third-party companies to monitor illegal network activity.
--(byline Morgan Baskin)


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