Sunday, March 08, 2015

Syruptitious episode of Battle Creek does counterfeit products

"Battle  Creek" gets into maple syrup in the "Syruptitious" episode.  Meredith Eaton appears as a diminutive medical examiner (as done in NCIS)  and finds that the corpse drowned in maple syrup.

There is a sub-plot on medical marijuana and a reference to the downward spiraling economy of Michigan.  Both the pot and the maple syrup have been adulterated, with the syrup having fructose.

At the end, the counterfeit syrup is a false lead, but the counterfeit pot has a twist.
The series leads try to bluff the pot dealer with federal arrest, but the dealer suspects they won't
follow through.  On the way out the store, "Russ Agnew" notices the showing of a Cheech & Chong movie.
The movie is re-wound to the beginning, showing the copyright infringement warning.
The dealer is threatened with copyright infringement and caves in, giving up the fake pot.

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