Friday, March 27, 2015

Plagiarism not such a big deal anymore

Plagiarism is not necessarily a career killer.  Laurence Tribe is still at Harvard.  Glenn Poshard is still at SIU.

More recently, from Politico:


In further evidence that plagiarism is no longer a career-ender, Jared Keller, the former Mic news director who was fired for plagiarism, has published at least six items in publications like The Atlantic, Pacific Standard and Daily Dot, Talking Points Memo reported on Thursday. 
Keller was fired from Mic last month after allegations of some 20 instances of plagiarism were published by Gawker.
Atlantic spokeswoman Anna Bross told TPM that the publication was well aware of Keller's past and "worked with Jared based on the merits of his pitch, as this piece shows." Bross said that, as with any writer, The Atlantic would hold him "to the highest standards of what we do."



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