Sunday, March 15, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on March 15, 2015

Jane Pauley introduced the stories for March 15, 2015. The cover story is by Susan Spencer on Carol Gardner, a late bloomer (Better Late than Ever). Second, Tracy Smith on the Spencer family. Third, Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on Gabby Giffords. Fourth, David Giricamo in Paris: An American in Paris. Anna Werner; Elizabeth Palmer; Steve Hartman.

Headlines: Vanuatu relief efforts. American aid workers in Sierra Leone. White House warns Republicans about Iran.
Dakata Meyer. Weather: 92F in Los Angeles.

Susan Spencer starts with Zelda, a bulldog owned by Carol Gardner. In 1997, Carol was depressed, and got Zelda. A contest to design a holiday greeting. For Christmas, I got a dog for my husband. "Zelda cards." Carol started the Zelda company at age 52. Julia Childs started at age 50. Peter Roget started at age 61. Forbes' publisher Rich Karlgaard. Frank McCourt. How late is too late? Colonel Saunders was 65 when he launched KFC. Grandma Moses started painting in her 70s. Professor Scott Berry Kaufman at the University of Pennsylvania. You are only limited by how many years you have on earth. Much more common. Professor Dean Keith Simonton at UCal/Davis. Comments on Stanford application: if you are over 40 don't apply. [Why? "Because the idea is, if you're over 40, you're already over the hill, so why are you even trying to go to graduate school?"] Forget late, just bloom. Old age comes at a very bad time.

Almanac. March 15, 44BC. Julius Caesar assassinated. 1953 film with James Masoon. "You are there" with Walter Cronkite. Octavian as Emperor Augustus.

Pulse: 80% of Americans believe you are never too old to follow your true calling.

Anna Werner on using sticks to create art. Patrick Daugherty, the stick man. "Bending Sticks". Linda Johnson of North Carolina Museum of Art. Stick Works. The stick works only last a couple of years. Art history has to look after itself.

Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on former Congresswoman Giffords. Aphasia. At 32, she was youngest person elected to Arizona State Senate. The book "Enough." Keep moving ahead.

Michael Graves died in Princeton, NJ. Post-modernism. Designed household items. Clinton awarded him a medal in 1999.
Graves: “Princeton has a library, a deli and two theaters. It’s a place where if you need a loaf of bread, you can walk to get a loaf of bread."

"An Amerian in Paris." Christopher Wheeldon. Trumpet melody is liquid romance. Robert Fairchlld.

Steve Hartman on the butterfly effect. Durham, NC. Chris Rosati.

Tracy Smith on the Ninth Earl Spencer. King Charles the First. Beheaded in 1649. Book "Killers of the King."
The naughty brother. Issue of ancient purity laws in Germany about "what is" beer. Optimistic entrepreneurial gene.

Elizabeth Palmer on beer in Germany. Greg Cook on US style craft beer. Bier-Jesus. Stone Brewing Company.

Opinion by Kevin Collins. Famine ships in the 1840s. If you're Irish, come into the parlor.

The week ahead. March 16: freedom of information day. Tuesday: St. Patrick's Day. Wed. 50th ann of first space walk. Thursday: companies that care day. Friday: first day of spring. Sat. 9th anniversary of first tweet on twitter.

Next week. Anthony Mason on Mad Men.

Moment of nature. Spiriva. Florida's 10000 islands national wildlife refuge.

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