Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apple's US 8,996,376: Intelligent text-to-speech conversion

The first claim of Apple's US Patent 8,996,376 :

A computer-implemented method of converting text to speech, the method comprising: selecting a document to be converted to speech, the selected document including base text and one or more links located within the base text; parsing the selected document, wherein the parsing comprises: resolving at least one of the one or more links in the selected document; and retrieving pre-existing text from one or more documents obtained by said resolving; appending at least a portion of the retrieved pre-existing text to the base text; generating speech by converting to speech the base text and the portion of the retrieved pre-existing text appended to the base text; and creating an audio file based on the converted text, wherein the audio file includes at least one audio cue configured to be beneficial to visually impaired listeners.



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