Friday, March 06, 2015

Apple to go on Dow Jones

Apple will replace AT&T on Dow Jones on a March 19, 2015.

AT&T had been on the list since 1916.

BUT keep in mind the present AT&T is NOT the AT&T of 1916!  From Wikipedia:

The company currently known as AT&T Inc. began its existence as Southwestern Bell Corporation, one of seven Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC's) created in 1983 in the divestiture of theAmerican Telephone and Telegraph Company (founded 1885, later AT&T Corp.) following the 1982 United States v. AT&T antitrust lawsuit. Southwestern Bell changed its name to SBC Communications Inc. in 1995. In 2005, SBC purchased former parent AT&T Corp. and took on its branding, with the merged entity naming itself AT&T Inc. and using the iconic AT&T Corp. logo and stock-trading symbol.


Meanwhile ,  Apple has a patent application for hydrophobic coatings of devices, likely including phones,


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